DU-HA Storage Truck Accessories

DU-HA manufactures storage solutions for many different makes and models of trucks, SUVs, and more. From under seat gun storage, to extra ball mount storage, DU-HA does it all. If it seems like your pick up is always cluttered with too much stuff, chances are DU-HA has a solution for you. Read below for some of DU-HA's popular truck accessories.

DU-HA's under seat and behind seat storage options are a great accessory that add secure organization to your truck cab.  Many of them have lockable hardware, that prevent them from being accessed without a key.  Whether you need tool storage, gun storage, or anything else stored neatly in the cab of your truck, this truck accessory is for you.

DU-HA's receiver caddy truck accessory gives you a secure location to store your receiver hitches when they are no longer in use.  With this accessory, you can avoid having your ball mount sliding around in your bed, as well as keep it locked away and secure from thieves.

The DU-HA Tote is a portable storage unit that is designed to hold your gear securely in the back of most SUV's or Pickup Trucks.  This truck accessory can be purchased with a sliding bracket and lock that makes it easy to slide the tote in and out, as well as keep it secure from thieves.

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